Who We Serve

At Coach Forward Foundation, we understand that different communities have unique needs. That’s why we work closely with Partner Organizations through referrals to ensure that we can serve those who need our support the most. We aim to empower and uplift individuals from all walks of life, including the populations listed below.:

Underserved and under-resourced communities: CFF strives to make life coaching accessible to those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it, such as low-income individuals, minorities, or people living in disadvantaged areas.

Youth and young adults: This age group can face unique challenges related to career exploration, education, relationships, and identity.

People in life transitions: Individuals going through major life changes, such as career loss, divorce, or retirement, can benefit from the support of a life coach.

Specific populations facing challenges: CFF focuses on serving individuals with specific needs, such as veterans, survivors of abuse, or people with disabilities.

Financial Accessibility:

  • No Fees: This ensures everyone who is referred to CFF can access coaching, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Scholarships: Upon completing our program, our clients are eligible to apply for a scholarship to become life coaches. This provides them with an opportunity to share their knowledge and positively influence the lives of others. By doing so, they can pay it forward and inspire the next generation to strive for their dreams.

Location and Time Accessibility:

  • Virtual Coaching: Our virtual coaching sessions via video conferencing or phone calls allow easy access to our programs. This enables clients to access coaching from anywhere in the world and eliminates barriers.
  • Group Coaching: We understand that sometimes one-on-one coaching sessions can be intimidating, which is why we offer group coaching sessions as a more comfortable option. Our aim is to create a supportive community where multiple clients can meet with a coach at the same time. We believe that our approach fosters a sense of togetherness and allows our clients to feel more comfortable.
  • Weekend and Evening Hours: Our coaching sessions can occur outside of traditional business hours to accommodate clients with busy schedules or those who work full-time..

By implementing these strategies, CFF can make life coaching services more accessible to a wider range of individuals. This allows us to fulfill our mission of empowering people to reach their full potential and create positive change in their lives.