Hope Bundrant

Hope Bundrant is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman who is passionate about helping others to reach their full potential. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from California State University, Fullerton, and has pursued postgraduate education at Harvard Business School. This unique combination of creativity, business expertise and personal development knowledge makes her an exceptional entrepreneur.


Hope’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her establishment of the iNLP Center, which offers NLP training and life coaching certification programs. She is also the former owner of Healthy Times Newspaper, an educational journal that served as a platform for health practitioners to share their expertise with readers around the world.


Hope is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, and her work is a testament to this. She truly believes that everyone can create the life they want by overcoming their limiting beliefs and living in their core self. Hope is an inspiration to those who want to transform their lives and achieve their dreams.


In her free time, Hope enjoys sailing, tennis, and trying new things.